We focus on

Principles and values supporting our ESG approach

Acting professionally, loyally, with integrity, responsibly, in an ethically correct and lawful manner, is just as important to the success of SERB as innovative spirit, quality standards and customer relations.


SERB bases its values on integrity, respect and sustainability.

Mission & Values

We provide to patients solutions against rare and life-threatening diseases.

SERB is a longstanding partner for health authorities, governmental and non-governmental agencies, therapeutic area experts and patient associations, committed to serve each patient’s needs.



The SERB way

We are ethical

Give credit where credit is due

Hold responsibility for decisions you take

We treat everyone the way we like to be treated

Listen to others

Value each other’s work

We aim for success with ambition and passion

Have a problem-solving mindset

Focus on priorities without neglecting important details

We learn from each other to grow together

Share best practices with teams

Debate, discuss and respect final decisions