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Intensive care

Intensive care units (ICUs) are part of every country health care system. ICU is usually reserved for patients with potential or established organ failure. Early referral is particularly important to ensure the best chances of full recovery.

Among the wide range of medicines required in ICU, sedative drugs, replacement or supplemental therapy are highly needed. Majority of the drugs are administered by a parenteral route to ensure the fastest efficacy.

Intensive care units are organized to provide care to critically ill patients with intensive and specialized medical and nursing care, high standard of monitoring to maintain life during a period of life-threatening organ insufficiency.

To answer unplanned situations, ICUs require highly trained and experienced health care professional teams, optimal equipment and specific medications to treat and support patients.

As the latest challenge, Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed practices requiring constant adaptations and highest standards of care for multi-organ support and save patient’s lives.

More information available on The World Federation of Intensive and Critical Care website.